As a hairdresser, Elliot Taylor often saw clients caught out for not having an umbrella. He started to think about an alternative to the plastic bonnet his grandmother might have worn. Why wasn’t there a contemporary example – a practical, let alone stylish alternative?

He wanted to create a highly considered design that was mindful of the world around us. It should be stylish yet functional. The result is L’hood, a collection of hats and hoods in many colours and fabrics designed by fashion designer David Szeto.

The Ritza (protector of people, in Greek) is the name given to the original L’hood hat. It melds the strict, yet feminine lines of Cristobal Balenciaga’s wedding hat designed in 1967 with inspiration from a hat which the actress Gene Tierney wore in Forties film noir and a contemporary, utility feel.

A Ritza can be worn in many ways. It is a versatile alternative to an umbrella, it magics away to a compact strap which is portable on your wrist, much in the way we wear tech.

It is practical, functional, fun and yet it appeals to the design aficionado as much as it does someone who simply wishes to stay dry or protect themselves from the elements.

Whatever your style, whatever the weather we have a L’hood for you.

L’hood products eschew fast-fashion trends and are designed to offer a lifetime of wear. Our Ritza, Elio and Decca rain and sunhats provide a sustainable, stylish alternative to the 1.1 billion umbrellas that are thrown away each year.

Wherever possible, we source recycled components to make our products as well as biodegradable, plant-based packaging, hang tags and metal components.

To make our products even more mindful, we are currently working to introduce a sustainable recycled membrane, recycled nylon, recycled polyester and bio cotton, building circularity into our brand.