Ciana Products Limited is the owner of various registered and unregistered intellectual property rights throughout the world and takes infringement of its intellectual property rights very seriously.  Ciana Products Limited will vigorously enforce its rights against third parties, where necessary.

The registered and pending intellectual property rights in the name of Ciana Products Limited, include, but are not limited to the following:


GB Patent Number 2594246
GB Patent Publication 2594143
International Patent Application Number GB2021/050477 (Publication Number WO2021/209738)

Trade Marks – “L’HOOD”

GB Trade Mark 3628754
EU Trade Mark 18324227
US Trade Mark 90650775
Indian Trade Mark 4951113
Japanese Trade Mark 6434767
Korean Trade Mark 40-2021-0082609
Chinese Trade Mark 55402400


GB design 6207464
GB design 6207465
GB design 6207466
GB design 6207467
GB design 6207468